Fair & Simple Pricing

We understand everyone has different needs and resources.
We offer flexible licensing and hosting options that meet your requirements, budget, environment, or policies
On Premises Starts at USD 50K/license

On Premises License

Platform price depends on volume of data or number of data sets registered in the system.

  • Hosted on your own infrastructure

  • $50,000 - Up to 25 data sets and 250 million cells

  • $100,000 - Up to 250 data sets and 1,000 million cells

  • $150,000 - Unlimited data sets and cells

  • Data/Metadata Management and Development Services Available

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Dedicated Cloud Starts at USD 3K/month

Cloud Licensing

Price depends on volume of data, infrastructure requirements, and usage.

  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services

  • Monthly or Yearly Subscription Basis

  • Scalable Infrastructure Resources

  • Data/Metadata Management and Development Services Available

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Open / Public Data Projects?

We recognize that not everybody can afford commercial solutions. If you have data or work on a project that can make a difference in the world, contact us. We’re always interested to hear your story, and to potentially collaborate with you to solve your challenges.

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All Plans Include:

Initial Onboarding

Introductory 1-2 hour training session and technical assistance with loading and publishing initial 2-3 datasets.

Standard Level Support

Access to a web based knowledge base and help desk, with 2-3 business day response time.


Access to API documentation, open source libraries, examples, training materials, and community resources.

Add-On Services Available:

Premium Support

Quicker response time, high-priority ticketing queues, and phone support as needed.

Advanced Training

Learn about using the Rich Data Services API/platform, or about data/metadata management tools, techniques, and best practices.

Data / Metadata Management

Guidance, quality assurance, metadata capture, or packaging of your data for publication into Rich Data Services, to and ensure the delivery of pristine data and services to your users

Development Services

Assistance with developing your custom portal, web applications, visualizations, integration with other services or analytical tools, and other customizations.

Data Strategy

Expert guidance around institutional data and metadata management strategies or the modernization of your operating environment.

Advanced Reporting

Access to advanced monitoring and usage reporting tools and services.